What Is iOS 12?

Change can be refreshing — especially when it comes to our iPhones. So if you’re due for a little digital makeover, get ready to plug in. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is happening in San Jose, CA on Jun. 4 until Jun. 8, and you’ll want to know what’s new in iOS 12. Shake off last year’s software and slip into something a little more comfortable. Literally. The latest announcements from Apple WWDC 2018 is centered around ~wellness~ and performance.

The conference is an annual gathering for developers discuss and declare all things software — and, true to form, Apple’s WWDC 2018 officially announced that iOS 12 is the next update coming to iPhones, Macbooks, iPads, and other products that the previous update, iOS 11, worked on.

Even better, according to the news revealed during the conference, those digital bugs that slow down your iPhone and iPad’s speed have been exterminated. Additionally, opening apps will be faster and preserving battery life will be easier.

It was announced today that Apple will release the “Measure” app. This app will enable augmented reality because we’re living in the future, people. This app will use the ARKit to measure objects in the real world.

New AR Capabilities

In the updated operating system the physical and digital space combine. With new augmented reality capability, things are going to change from files to browsing Safari to messages. In the market for a new Fender guitar? Click on the AR icon of the guitar of your choice on the website in your Safari app for a closer, more in-real-life effect. You can see what the guitar will look like IRL and as its real size. I don’t know about you, but I’m shook.

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