The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Future Technology

The world has moved at a very fast pace through the transformation from large bulky computers, which had limited functioning, to small gadgets, which can perform a large number of operations in seconds. This is only an indication of how much more technological development lies in store for the future. One of the main components of future technology is going to be Artificial Intelligence. It exists even now, but it is not as prevalent as it will soon be.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Most people don’t know what it is. They do have a vague idea that it has something to do with robots and computer science, but that is not all that it is. There is so much more to it. It is machines, which have been so programmed that they become capable to perform tasks, which would not be possible without human intelligence. The intelligence is artificial because it has been created by the humans, but it is still able to perform better than humans in its particular field.

The Present

It has already been used by companies such as Google and Uber along with others in the field of self-driven cars. You can also see it being used in sports, chatbots, personalized learning and a lot more.

The Future

The future for Artificial Intelligence has unlimited possibilities in various industries such as transport and education. These are the fields where it has already taken significant steps in the positive direction. Automated driving will serve the purpose of reduction in the number of accidents as they would not make the same mistakes as a human could possibly make.  

Augmentation of the human brain is another possibility that we can look forward to. It will also help in the reduction of human involvement in hazardous activities as they will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence in a big way. This is possible because AI cannot experience pain and can be assembled again in case of any damage to it.

There are many other environmental issues such as climate change and prediction of natural calamities which can use AI. And another very close to being human nature, they can be used as companions for them. As mentioned before, there are endless possibilities for AI in the future.

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